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AcredeCo is an Aruban owned roofing company founded in 1999 and giving its services in roofing and waterproofing by trained and certified roofers. We warrantee our roofing work because we Know how to Roof It Right!


Road to Arugas or Dump, sea side of the road.

Roofing / Re-Roofing

We are certified installers of several renowned roof systems with Warrantee. A warranteed roof system on your new construction or existing property.

Roof Repair

We repair most roof systems: Shingles, Metal, Roll Membrane, Roof Tile, Asbestos/Eterniet. Our experts will diagnose your problem and fix it Right.

Water Proofing

We provide waterproofing solutions for New Sub-grade Construction, Foundations, Terraces or Balcony Floors, Potable Water Retaining Tanks . Residential and Commercial.

Asbest Removal

We have the infrastructure and technical expertise to undertake asbestos removal and remediation projects of any scale. We are certified and operate in accordance with current Aruban Legislation and Asbestos Regulations.

Made in Aruba! Qualytile™

AcredeCo is introducing to Aruba the locally produced Qualytile. This concrete roof tile is made using the best aggregates and top of the line machinery. Our staff is trained to produce a consistent quality and look. The tiles are made to evenly support 180 kilo and can withstand 40 psi.

Benefits of Qualytile:

Although not a roof terrace, when needed, you can walk on the roof to access eventual objects that landed there or paint fascia lumber.

Qualytile is a roof to last a life time!

Custom order the quantity needed for your roof. No need to make an extra large order to make up for transport damages or eventual further expansion of your roof. We can provide additional tiles at your request and will not discontinue the tile profile.

When installed by AcredeCo a guarantee can be given to ensure a turnkey problem free roof.

Qualytile can be mechanically fastened to your roof structure ensuring you a roof that withstands high wind weather. Hurricane prone area in the United States have mostly concrete roof tiles to prevent blow off and make it possible to have home insurance.

Ask for custom colors. Roof tiles can be fabricated to fit the color scheme of your house or project.

Roof tiles are made including accesories such as the roof ridge, ridge dividers and starters.

Why Choose Us?

  • Warranty
  • Certified experts
  • Free Surveying
  • Turnkey Projects

Our Work

"Roof it Right!"

Here some photos of our production center and some delivered work

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For a free roof survey, a roof report or consultation for your new construction or project please contact us through our form below or telephone: 297-585-5499 / fax: 297-585-4568 / email: acredeco@setarnet.aw . We will make it our priority to assist you as soon as possible in a professional way.